How to Obtain $SHELL

Currently, users of MyShell can be categorized into three main groups: creators, consumers, and patrons, with $SHELL facilitating value circulation among these groups.

Users can obtain $SHELL as rewards for various contributions to the MyShell ecosystem:

  1. Create - Users with a Creator Pass can develop and list their AI Applications on MyShell, generating revenue from usage fees and investments into their applications.

  2. Collect - Patron Badge holders receive a portion of $SHELL tokens generated when the AI Applications they support are utilized and consumed by other users.

  3. Event Participation - Users can earn $SHELL rewards through various initiatives hosted by MyShell team to incentivize active engagement across community, Testnet, and other relevant campaigns. Participants are evaluated based on predefined criteria.

  4. Open-Source AI Model Contributor - MyShell integrates around 100 open-source AI models. Developers whose models are used to create AI Applications on MyShell can receive a share of the $SHELL tokens generated from application usage.

  5. Provide Products/Services - Users offering specialized features within their AI applications or selling data to the MyShell team receive $SHELL tokens as compensation.

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