Reward Center

Disclaimer: Please distinguish between $SHELL, Shell Coin, and Points, the latter two are off-chain accumulated metrics created by MyShell team to incentivize early participants. For more details on Tokenomics, please visit:


To better incentivize early adopters, MyShell features a Reward Center that encourages user engagement and records contributions using Points and Shell Coins.

Point vs. Shell Coin

Point: A basic scoring unit that records user behavior and contributions.

Shell Coin: An underlying settlement currency within Reward Center, converted from "Points", recording user contributions each season and temporarily allowing users to exchange for platform items (such as Chat Booster).

The conversion rate between Shell Coins and Seasonal Points is calculated seasonally by comparing the total points earned by users to the number of Shell Coins scheduled for release. This allows the conversion rate to dynamically adjust based on user contributions versus the planned incentive distribution for that season. This approach maintains fair and robust incentives, encouraging continued community engagement and support for the MyShell ecosystem.

Seasonal Distribution

Points Distribution

Points, the basic scoring unit, are distributed to incentivize encouraged user behaviors. The tasks and activities eligible for Point rewards are adjusted each season to align with MyShell's strategic priorities and development status as the ecosystem evolves.

Shell Coin Distribution

The seasonal release volume of Shell Coins corresponds to the developmental progress of the MyShell platform. Typically, a faster pace of growth in a given season necessitates a greater release of Shell Coins.

In the early stages, seasonal Shell Coin releases aim to expand the user base's reach and engagement. Later on, releases will prioritize sustaining platform stability and rewarding loyal long-term participants through lasting incentive structures. The goal is to strategically leverage Shell Coin distribution to progressively realize MyShell's vision as the ecosystem evolves.

What's the benefit of seasonal distribution?

The seasonal point system provides an adaptable early economic framework well-suited for MyShell's growth. It offers flexibility, upgradability, and robustness for future $SHELL releases.

Key Benefits explained:

  • Flexibility: Shell Coin supply is divided into isolated "seasons" with adjustable economic parameters, allowing localized control over distribution rules.

  • Upgradability: Seasonal distribution rules can evolve with new platform features, future-proofing the economic model.

  • Robustness: Independent season operation prevents risks in one segment from impacting others, strengthening protection against single-point failures.

As MyShell integrates more capabilities like computing power and content distribution, this seasonal approach facilitates regular assessments and refinements to continually optimize community incentives. The segmented design enhances the stability and agility of the overall economic framework.

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