Pro Config Mode (beta)


MyShell Pro Config is an advanced mode tailored for developers, empowering them to build powerful AI native Apps by assembling AI widgets under a human-controlled structure. It provides a versatile approach that balances human-programmed logic with AI-prompted logic for interaction. Essentially, it enables developers to architect a state machine for their App.


To succeed as a developer, here is everything you will need besides this doc:

Beta Testing Disclaimer

MyShell Pro Config, including this Dev Doc, is still under beta testing. You may experience bugs and not-well-written explanations. Please report your question while using Pro Config or reading this Dev Doc in the pro-config-forum channel of our Genesis Pass Incubator Discord. We appreciate your participation and your feedback is greatly valued by MyShell’s team.


In designing the Pro Config API, we've drawn significant inspiration from XState and OpenAI. A heartfelt thank you to them for their exceptional contributions.

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