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MyShell hosts thousands of AI apps crafted by our creators each offering unique capabilities. These span emotional companions with distinct personalities, role-playing games that transport you to new worlds, learning coaches to guide your educational journey, and working assistants to boost your productivity.

As our creator tools continue evolving, we will see an ever-growing array of functional and entertaining AI apps on MyShell.


Create Native AI Apps

MyShell offers an open AI development platform for sharing and utilizing AI services through both Models and API calls.

The Model approach provides an experience akin to native AI development, granting high flexibility ideal for creators with AI development expertise. Creators can also craft native workflows by combining different models to execute complex tasks.


Reward & Token Economy

If you're intrigued by MyShell's open creator economy or interested in investing in promising AI apps, consider collecting AI apps through Patron Badges to share in their success.

Alternatively, delve into our Tokenomics to learn more about $SHELL, the utility token powering this ecosystem.

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