Knowledge Base Bot

Use Knowledge Base Bot to manage knowledge bases with domain-specific data or to handle different opinions.


Get Started

Create New Knowledge Base

A meaningful name is helpful for your bases. After creation, the bot will display your current knowledge bases including their names and tokens.

The token (for example, myshell_f5ac9afa_5c1f_4ef6_ae80_2120e2b2671e in the picture below) will be used in the LLM Widget' knowledge_base_token field.

List Source and Add Source

To modify sources of the new knowledge base, List Source button will guide to a detailed operation panel. Currently we support:

  • Add Gitbook links as sources

  • Upload files as sources

  • Re-sync link sources

  • Delete sources

Upload File as Source

You can upload text files or PDF files as sources. Text files include md, txt, csv and json.

Other text file types can be converted to supported types. Widgets like MS Word to Markdown might be helpful.

Currently we only support Gitbook web pages as knowledge base sources. For Gitbook links, we will fetch the target page and all its subpages.

If the page is updated, you can click Re-Sync Source button to update the source.

Refresh after Processing

After adding a source, the bot will tell you that it is being processed.

You can refresh to see if it's ready to use.

Use in Widgets

When sources are ready, you can copy the knowledge base's token and configure the LLM widget. Note the "knowledge_base_token" field in the widget config.

  "id": "llm_widget_template",
  "initial": "home_state",
  "states": {
    "home_state": {
      "inputs": {
        "input_message": {
          "type": "IM",
          "user_input": true
      "tasks": [
          "name": "llm_widget_example_task",
          "module_type": "AnyWidgetModule",
          "module_config": {
            "widget_id": "1744214047475109888",
            "user_prompt": "{{input_message}}", // the text inputted into prompt widget, you can get it from user input or upper state
            "system_prompt": "Act as ...", // Optional field. You can input system prompt of bot.
            "top_p": 0.5, // Optional field. Default value is 0.5
            "temperature": 0.5, // Optional field. Default value is 0.5
            "frequency_penalty": 0, // Optional field. Default value is 0
            "presence_penalty": 0, // Optional field. Default value is 0
            "knowledge_base_token": "", // Your token here
            "output_name": "result"
      "render": {
        "text": "{{result}}", // it's a string produced by prompt widget.
        "buttons": [
            "content": "Chat Again",
            "description": "",
            "on_click": "rerun"
      "transitions": {
        "rerun": "home_state",
        "CHAT": "home_state"

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