Classic Mode


Classic mode is the most suitable mode for beginners. This simple mode equips AI applications with basic functionalities. Using foundational widgets like auto prompts and voice cloning, creators can leverage natural language to build high-quality apps effortlessly.



This is the section to define your app's appearance, tags, and welcome message. For avatar, you can use our image gen apps to design it based on your own style.

Please note that app contains inappropriate content: Racist, Violence, Religion related, Political content, and underage NSFW are strictly prohibited. Also please tag your content with NSFW if it's related. Any violation of platform rule will result in account ban.


Prompt is the brain of an AI app. It controls its behavior, chat style and characteristics. To make the AI perform as expected, you usually need to:

  • Understand the capabilities of the Large Language Model (LLM).

  • Be familiar with high-performance Prompt techniques.

  • Have more than 10 hours of Prompt editing and debugging experience.

  • ...and many other efforts.

On MyShell, the bar for crafting exceptional prompts is considerably lowered. Here’s how:

  • Widgets: Access high-quality prompts curated by our top creators.

  • Tools: Utilize a variety of Auto Prompt Widgets to generate high-quality prompts tailored to the type of apps you want to build, whether for learning, character development, or gaming.

  • Learn: Explore featured tutorials in our Discord community forum, where experts share their insights, experiences, and knowledge.

MyShell also offers remarkable flexibility for creators in terms of LLM selection, including:

  • Closed-Source Models: GPT series, Claude series, Gemini.

  • Open-Source Models: Llama, Pygmalion 13B, Perplexity, Phind, Mixtral.

  • MyShell Self-Developed Model: Specially designed for immersive English role-playing scenarios.

If you want to have more controls over the behavior of your app, we strongly recommend reading through the Enhanced Prompt section here.


The voice settings allow your app to "talk" to others using the voice you like. It is on by default, but you can turn off the sound switch to make it reply with pure text messages. Similar to prompt. there are three options:

  • Widgets: Access high-quality cloned voices curated by our users.

  • Tools: Clone your favorite voice in multiple languages in 1 minutes!

  • Learn: Explore featured tutorials in our Discord community forum, where experts share their insights, experiences, and knowledge.

Apps Integration

Expand your bot's reach and capabilities by seamlessly integrating with popular apps and services, connecting and deploying across various platforms.

Refer to the tutorial here to make your app available on Telegram!

Our service is being upgraded and your Telegram bot will be temporary unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience and please stay tuned for updates!

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is like an external brain for bots, providing them with knowledge beyond the large language model, giving robots more accurate information and stronger capabilities in specific fields.

The knowledge base has a wide range of applications:

  • Access to project/product documentation for precise Q&A.

  • Access to academic literature to become a domain expert.

  • Access to blogs/tweets to build digital life.

  • Access to game/animation wikis for high-precision role-playing.

  • ...more application scenarios for you to imagine!

Refer to more details here on how to add knowledge to your app!

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