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Suno AI lyrics generator. Generate lyrics based on the given prompt.

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Generate lyrics given the prompt. The lyrics can be used in Suno Music Generation

Input Parameters




lyrics prompt

Generate the lyrics of a song about love

Output Parameters

NameTypeDescriptionFile Type



The result of suno api, containing the links, titles, and other useful information

Output Example

  "results": {
    "status": "complete",
    "text": "[Verse]\nYou came in my life like a shooting star\nLit up my world\nYou're my guiding star\nEvery time I'm with you\nI feel so alive\nNothing else matters\nYou're all that I strive\n\nIn your arms\nI find my sanctuary\nWith your love\nI can face any adversary\nYou're the remedy to all my pain\nIn your love\nI discover peace again\n\n[Verse 2]\nYou're the rhythm that beats within my heart\nEvery single beat\nIt's a brand new start\nTogether we dance to our own melody\nTwo souls entwined\nPure serendipity",
    "title": "All I Need"

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