Welcome to MyShell!

MyShell is a decentralized AI consumer layer, connecting consumers, creators, and open-source researchers.

MyShell begins as an egalitarian platform where anyone can create, share, and monetize their AI-native applications. Looking ahead, it will evolve into a shared ecosystem. Driven by an open network value, MyShell is advancing towards a consumer layer that unlocks boundless creativity and potential.


The rise of artificial intelligence has given birth to a notable phenomenon - the closed-source model ecosystem. Led by OpenAI, these powerful yet proprietary models offer users advanced applications and services for complex data analysis and human-computer interactions. However, behind their impressive capabilities lie some lesser-known costs.

  • Centralization: Closed-source model development and operations are highly centralized. To gain a competitive edge, companies build isolated "fortresses," squeezing the creative space for developers. Each seeks to define proprietary standards, increasing creator dependence and switching costs. Moreover, these walled gardens are largely controlled unilaterally, making it difficult for the community to influence the ecosystem's direction.

  • Lack of Incentives: Existing closed ecosystems rarely provide effective incentives for participants like data providers or app developers. The absence of profit-sharing mechanisms means contributors rarely receive commensurate rewards for their efforts, dampening enthusiasm and stifling innovation.

  • Value Deprivation: A few companies own the algorithms, data, and wealth generated, while individual users and small creators who contribute data see limited or no returns. This model deprives them of control over their data and content, limiting their potential to benefit from contributions.

  • Excessive Restrictions: As publicly-serving corporate entities, closed-source models impose overly restrictive and conservative limitations, like unnecessary constraints on image generation. User interactions are confined within provider-set boundaries, with strict access control and usage terms, limiting innovation potential.

The Vision Behind MyShell

MyShell was born from a deep reflection on the current AI landscape. Our vision is to create a fair and open ecosystem where every participant can find their unique value proposition.

At MyShell, we advocate for the decentralized AI, including:

  • Open-Source Models: We contribute to the AI industry growth by championing open-source models, with a vibrant community of contributors driving the prosperity of AI technology.

  • Ecosystem Incentives: A comprehensive incentive mechanism stimulates the vitality and innovative potential across our entire ecosystem.

  • Value Redistribution: We ensure creators and users rightfully benefit from their data and creations through equitable value redistribution.

  • Free Choice: Users and developers enjoy the freedom to choose from different AI models, eliminating dependence on or monopolization by a single model. This autonomy extends to selecting decentralized computing and storage solutions.

Core Components of MyShell Ecosystem

MyShell ecosystem is built on three core components to realize our vision:

  • Self-developed Open-Source AI Models: We've independently developed several open-source AI models, including text-to-speech and large language models. Additional existing technologies will be progressively open-sourced and made available for integration. You can find more open-source research info in MyShell GitHub (

  • An open AI development platform: MyShell empowers individuals to build AI applications effortlessly. Our platform allows creators to leverage different models and integrate external APIs, enabling third-party providers to offer their services for developer use. With native development workflows and modular toolkits, creators can rapidly transform their ideas into functional AI apps, accelerating innovation.

  • Fair Value Distribution Ecosystem: Creators earn commercial value when their apps are used, but also receive native platform incentives. They can even secure funding from patrons. Moreover, once the MyShell ecosystem integrates with permissionless blockchain for global liquidity access, creators will unlock extensive financialized benefits, amplifying the potential of AI apps.

At MyShell, we believe every contribution is essential to our ecosystem, and every innovation deserves recognition and reward. We invite you to join this revolution and collectively build a new AI era where opportunities are open to all. Together, let's create an equitable future driven by open collaboration and shared success.

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