MyShell - a robot creation platform that reshapes the future, unleashing unlimited creative potential!
Experience our product: https://app.myshell.ai
On our platform, the most advanced AI robots are waiting to meet you. Whether it's casual chatting, practicing speaking, playing games, or seeking psychological counseling, each robot has unique functions and personalities to meet your diverse needs.
What's even more exciting is that as a leading robot creation platform for the future, the Robot Creation Workshop allows you to unleash your creativity and customize unique voice styles and functions for you:
  • Exclusive integration of cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, with just a few seconds of voice samples, your robot can imitate anyone's speaking voice.
  • Automatically create high-quality robots: you only need to describe your ideas, without learning complex Prompt techniques, whether it's vivid role-playing or practical learning and work tools, AutoPrompt can help you quickly create robots that exceed market standards.
  • Private large-scale language models (LLM) (coming soon)
  • Sustainable encrypted economic incentives to achieve harmonious coexistence between robot creation and consumption (coming soon)
Our team brings together elites from world-class universities such as Oxford, MIT, Tsinghua, and Princeton. With years of experience in artificial intelligence research and application, we are committed to bringing you an infinitely possible creative universe.
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