AnyWidget Module

AnyWidgetModule allows you to utilize any widget in our workshop.

It differs from other modules. Apart from widget_id and output_name, all other fields are specific to the individual widget in use. Consequently, it is not feasible to list field descriptions in advance. However, we can offer examples using common widgets and instructions on how to determine widget configurations.

Please note that the outcomes generated by the AnyWidgetModule are contingent on the specific widget and its underlying AI models. Therefore, we are unable to assure that the widget configuration will consistently yield the anticipated results with your setup.

We advise fine-tuning the parameters on the widget webpage and subsequently incorporating them into your Pro Config settings for optimal results.


Field's NameJSON Type (Required/Optional)DescriptionExample


string (Required)

Creators can select their desired widget in the Workshop, and copy the widget id.



string (Required)

Specifies the name of the output in AnyWidgetConfig.



boolean (Optional)

Flag to enable cache mode. When set to true, the state will run only once and store the result. Default to false.


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