Stable Diffusion Inpaint

Use any diffusion model on Civitai to inpaint the mask region of your image!

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Utilize diffusion model to fill in the masked region of your image!

Input Parameters

Output Parameters

Output Example

  "url": ""

Detailed Guidelines

  • inpaint

    • Main parameter:

      • image : The input image, can be a url or base64 sting. Any size

      • mask: The correspond mask, can be a url or base64 sting. 1 means the masked region

      • mask_blur : Mask blur refers to the feathering of a mask (from edges to inside the mask), adjusted between 0-64. A smaller value results in sharper edges. Default to 4

      • inpainting_fill : Choose the fill content in mask: 0 - fill, 1 - original, 2 - latent noise, 3 - latent nothing. Default to 1

      • inpainting_mask_invert: 0 - Inpaint masked region, 1 - Inpaint not masked region

      • denoising_strength: Strength of image transfomation during inpainting precess. High means more influence during transformation

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