Claim Your Own Telegram Bot

"You are a mature bot, you should learn to do business on your own." Sounds like a dream? Now, you can achieve it in just 5 minutes.

Making your bot active on Telegram only requires three simple steps: create a bot - set permissions - enter the token, and then your bot can do business on Telegram on its own!

Your tg bot can chat with users one-on-one or in groups, and get more exposure. And creating a tg bot will synchronize with your bot on MyShell, and your prompt modifications will be reflected on the tg bot in real-time without any additional operation from you ~

Still not tempted? Come and try it out!

Create a bot on Telegram Bot Father

  1. Log in to your Telegram and search for BotFather.

  2. Use the "/newbot" command to start creating your bot.

  3. Enter the bot name, and keep it consistent with the bot on MyShell ~

  4. Give the bot a simple and easy-to-read username. Later, everyone will frequently use this name to interact with your bot in groups, and it cannot be changed. Please consider it carefully ~

  5. The most important step: copy your bot's HTTP API! This string of characters is very important, please submit it accurately to MyShell and do not leak it to others.

Modify bot message permissions

After the bot is created, simply press a few buttons to let your bot join the group chat and start doing business!

  1. Use the "/mybots" command to enter your bot management interface.

  2. Click "Bot Settings"

  1. Click "Group Privacy"

  1. Click "Turn off" to turn off group chat privacy settings, and your bot can run around the world!

If you get to this page, it means you have succeeded. However, please note that if the privacy settings are set after the bot joins the group chat, it will not take effect on the already joined group chat ~ then you need to remove the bot first and then invite it again!

Go back to MyShell and enter your bot token

This is the last step, just go back to MyShell's "Explore" - "Mine", click on the "Apps Integration" in the edit interface, and paste the token copied just now into the Telegram Token to complete ~

Please also note:

  • The bound bot will not have the cover picture of the bot on MyShell. If necessary, you can freely set it on Telegram

  • If the name of the bot is changed on MyShell, it will also be synchronized on TG, but if it is changed multiple times within 5 hours, only the name of the first modification will be synchronized ~

  • After the updated bot can be made public, don't forget to update it. TG bot will prioritize calling the public bot

Now, you can enjoy your bot on Telegram, and you can also share it more easily with others. If your tg bot attracts registered buddies and meets the conditions of effective invitations, it will also be counted in your effective invitations, thus accumulating more opportunities for you to enjoy more benefits in the future!

Last but not least, you can also modify the greeting message and usage instructions of the bot in Telegram. Interesting greeting messages and usage introductions can help others get started faster. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Click "Edit" in the bot details page through Telegram, and then "Edit Intro"

  1. Then enter the greeting message and usage in BotFather and you're done!

Start enjoying it!

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