Widget Center

The Widget Center empowers creators to seamlessly integrate a wide array of capabilities into their applications. It features a diverse collection of models and APIs, allowing you to explore and utilize the unique functionalities of each widget. You can experiment with these tools and incorporate them into your own AI apps to enhance their performance and versatility.

There are generally 2 types of widgets in widget center:

  • Basic Widget: Includes Base Model and Plugins. It can create assets (Prompt, Voice, Avatar) or be added to your AI Apps. Examples: Auto Prompt, Voice Clone, LLM, SD, Online Search etc.

  • Composite Widget: Generated from single or multiple base models. Creators could also be able to build a composite widget by themselves and publish it to widget center. Anyone will be able to add it to their own apps. Examples: prompts, TTS, GIF generation (developed from Stable Diffusion XL).


The widgets under "Tools" collectively enhance the capabilities of AI apps, allowing them to perform a wide range of tasks from data extraction and transformation to media handling and advanced searches, making them versatile and powerful in various applications.


Thanks to our vibrant community, numerous expert creators have contributed outstanding public prompts. When you discover an app that piques your interest, you can effortlessly access its prompt and tailor it to suit your needs. Our prompt widget list offers a diverse array of high-quality prompts for you to explore.


MyShell's industry-leading Voice Cloning widgets enable anyone to create a mimic voice within just one minute and apply it to various AI applications. We now support English voice cloning with multiple accents, including American, British, Indian, and Australian English. Additionally, we offer voice cloning for Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Korean. Moreover, there are numerous user-generated public voices available for you to try out.

Other Widgets

In addition to all aforementioned widgets, we also offer a variety of other powerful models, including LLMs, Image Generation, Video Generation, Music Generation etc.. Creators can explore all available widgets and select the most suitable ones for their app development process.

Refer to more details and usage here in our API reference section.

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