Introduction to Pro Config Tutorial

Welcome to the Pro Config Tutorial, your interactive learning lab to mastering Pro Config.

This tutorial guides you to build a Pro Config Tutorial App step by step, and you will be learning the concepts by implementing it. Upon completion, you'll possess a self-made Pro Config Tutorial App, a testament to your understanding and a resource for educating others about Pro Config.

Understanding Pro Config

MyShell Pro Config is an advanced mode tailored for developers, empowering them to build powerful AI native Apps by assembling AI widgets under a human-controlled structure. It provides a versatile approach that balances human-programmed logic with AI-prompted logic for interaction. Essentially, it enables developers to architect a state machine for their App.

Where to Run

We will work with JSON for pro config all the time. This section will look at how you can implement your pro config JSON for your bots.

You could use it on MyShell’s main site. Here is how to access it:

  1. Click “Workshop” on the left menu bar

  1. Click “Create a Bot”

  1. Scroll Down and Shift from “Classic Mode” to “Dev Mode”

  1. You can now paste your JSON File (which we will work on later in the tutorial) and click “Validate”. Once validated, Click “Save”, then you will have your App ready for use.

Getting Started

Ready to dive in? Click "Next" to begin your journey with Pro Config.

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