No-code Mode (beta)


No-code mode is a user-friendly interface of Pro Config mode, supporting creators of all skill levels to build advanced bots with simple operations.

It would be quite helpful if you are familiar with the basics of Pro Config.

Get Started


You can enter No-code mode here.

Automata Setting

Then it will display a view of your App.

  • Initial State is the first state of your app.

  • Context is where you can store and modify global variables.

  • Transitions are global transitions which all children state can trigger to transfer to other states.

The following section about State Setting may be helpful to understand how to configure Context and Transitions in a container of states.

State Setting

A state can (1) accept user inputs, (2) run a queue of widgets, (3) send a message based on user inputs and widgets' outputs and (4) transition to another state based on user actions.

Add Input

Specify user inputs necessary for AI models or widgets to run.

Add Widget

Add a widget using user input to produce some intermediate result.

Widgets you have used recently will be displayed. If you can't find desired widgets, please try them on Widget Center.

Widget Input and Output

You may configure widget with reference to user inputs from the widget's belonging state. To insert a variable, type "/".

You may also insert JavaScript expressions in raw mode of an input.

Specify an output name of this widget that will be used later.

Add Another Widget

You may also add another widget that can use the previous widget's result.

Specify the output name for it too.

Configure Message

After running those widgets, the result needs sending to users. You can configure it in Message section.

Add Another State

You may want to add another state for a different purpose. For example, a help page may help users understand how to interact with your bot better.

Transition to New State

To transition to the help page, you need to configure a transition targeted at the new state and a button that may trigger this transition.

Validate and Save

Before saving, you must validate the No-code settings first.

Then return to bot settings page and save.

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